How It Works

The Melbourne Copywriter creates engaging copy using a time-tested method ensuring quality results.

Since 2014, the Melbourne Copywriter (as I Sell Words) has perfected the process of delivering copy that is not only optimised for search engines but blends seamlessly into your marketing and communication.

Our proprietary method ensures we capture the essence of your offering, the right tone and style for your website or social media, and within faster than industry average time frames.

We keep you in the loop at every stage using real-time collaboration tools, so you always know where we’re at – and can make agile course corrections if required.

What that means is you get competitively priced copy that becomes a real asset to your business and brand.

Business Discovery – A questionnaire filled out by you, followed by an interview process to gain as much information as possible

Test Page – A test page with three paragraphs with varying tones and styles for you to choose from, to ensure we lock in one consistent voice for your business across all your pages.

Free Rewrites and Revisions – Unlike other SEO copywriters, the Melbourne Copywriter offers two major rewrites (30% or over) as a guarantee, along with unlimited minor revisions. We’re not satisfied until you are!

Maximise Your ROI

Agencies – especially advertising agencies that think of website copywriting as an afterthought – charge 1.5x to 2x for a comparable amount of copy, time, or word counts. Using a fixed price system, the Melbourne Copywriter can pass on value-added savings direct to you, the customer! It’s a win-win, and maximises your return on investment.

Value Proposition

The Melbourne Copywriter

The Copywriting Process


You’ll get a detailed proposal outlining the entire scope of work and timetable.

Business Discovery

I engage with your business to get as much information as possible before starting the work.

50% Deposit

50% deposit is required to begin all work. Ask me about instalment plans.

Timely Delivery

Depending on workloads, I can deliver content for a typical 800w website within one business week.


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    How Much Does Website Copywriting Cost?

    The final price of website copywriting can be influenced by many different factors. When prospective clients approach copywriters, they naturally want to know how much the entire project will cost. Many copywriters approach pricing in their own individual way. However, the most common methods of pricing out copywriting are:

    • By the hour – how long it will take a copywriter to complete the project at an hourly rate.
    • By the day – Many SEO and traditional copywriters offer a day rate for their work.
    • By the word – some SEO copywriters will charge by the word.
    • By the page – other copywriters will charge a flat fee per page, sometimes in tiers depending on word counts.
    • Value driven pricing – The Melbourne Copywriter quotes on copywriting projects using value driven pricing – providing maximum value for the customer while maintaining optimal quality and turnaround times.

    Copywriting is a unique type of client services business, as it requires a level of creativity – creating something from nothing – and then handing over the finished product to the client in the form of intellectual property. Just like a plumber with 20 years experience knows where to look for blockages and solves problems within minutes, copywriters are the same – if a copywriter finishes a job quickly, one is paying for the experience the copywriter holds in delivering quality copy within a tight deadline.

    The complexity of the project also influences price. A 500-word blog post on an evergreen topic (e.g., how interest rates work) will be less labour intensive than a highly SEO optimised sales landing page for a niche or new product; the latter requires keyword research, sitemap and content strategy formulation, as well as the requisite word count for a long-form sales page (usually 2,000w.) Copywriters may also charge extra for interviews and original research, which may require field reporting or unearthing novel sources of information.

    The performance of the resulting asset can also influence price – some copywriters may enter into profit-sharing arrangements if they believe the ongoing return is worth the investment in “sweat equity.”

    Some copywriters will charge extra if you require major rewrites or revisions, usually as an hourly rate. The Melbourne Copywriter factors this into pricing and reduces the need for revisions through a guided, transparent writing and delivery process.

    Copywriter Seniority and Prices

    A senior copywriter will attract higher rates than a junior copywriter. A senior copywriter of five or more years of experience can charge hourly rates of up to $200/hr. Here is a snapshot of rates from the Clever Copywriting School, adjusted for recent CPI increases, with GST included:

    ExperienceYearsHourly RateDaily Rate
    Estimates from the Clever Copywriting School.

    Ultimately, copywriting will drive more customers and attention to your brand than going it alone. If you run a small or medium-sized business, hiring a copywriter on retainer or for ad-hoc casual projects is usually more cost effective than hiring a fresh-out-of-university marketing graduate who may command salaries of $80,000+p.a., not including superannuation and other entitlements.

    Melbourne Copywriter Price Variations

    Note also that the Melbourne Copywriter offers 20% discounts for Not-For-Profit or charitable organisations, something that agencies may not. See below for other variations that may influence your final proposed price.

    Rush JobDelivery Within 24-48 hrs (up to 2000w)30% Loading
    RetainersAt least two months in succession10% Discount
    NFP and CharityRegistered NFP organisation or charity20% Discount
    Early PaymentUpfront payment in full5% Discount
    ProofreadingChecking for errors; no substantive editing25% Discount
    This may vary due to individual factors. Ask Tom for more information.

    SEO Copywriters such as the award-winning Melbourne Copywriter can add tremendous value to your marketing and bottom line.