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When was the last time you looked at your SEO content and strategy?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Copywriting is the cornerstone of your search engine optimisation efforts.

The more “boxes” you can tick with Google’s PageRank algorithm, the better your website ranks for your chosen keywords and the more traffic you gain over time. Your content needs to be informative, authoritative, useful, and trustworthy to rank well. It also needs to be consistent.

However, getting eyes on your website paints only half of the picture.

Your copy needs to hook readers and be persuasive – you only get two seconds to make an impression.

SEO Copywriting also establishes consistency and reliability – which is essential for any business that wants to have a marketable and successful brand. The Melbourne Copywriter writes your copy right in terms of SEO, persuasion, and brand consistency, so your business can make more sales.

If you want to be found on search engines and convert more often, look no further than the Melbourne Copywriter!


SEO Copywriting

Search Engine Optimised Copywriting in Melbourne. Gain traffic and conversions the easy way.


Award-winning website content for small, medium, and ASX 200 listed companies including web copy, blog posts, and more.


Content strategy focusing on climbing search engine rankings and gaining greater social media influence.


Best SEO Copywriter & Strategist 2024 (Victoria): Tom Valcanis

What is SEO Copywriting?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriting entails combining copywriting, or writing for commercial purposes, with tried-and-true SEO methods for increasing site traffic. This is usually achieved by increasing your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking using various search engine optimisation techniques.

Higher rankings means more visibility and traffic coming to your site organically (i.e. not paid for by advertising.) The SEO part of SEO copywriting may entail conducting thorough keyword research for relevant terms to include as part of the copy or content. The Melbourne Copywriter conducts this research as part of any copywriting project, large or small.

Copywriting is designed to convince site visitors to take a desired action (such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter, for example). This text appears in a variety of promotional items, including internet pages, emails, and so on. SEO copywriting is also the art of the calls to action (CTAs) – buy now, download now, sign up here, etc. to ensure visitors to your site perform an action that benefits your business.

If you’re familiar with SEO content writing, such as blogging, the final aim of SEO copywriting is to convert leads as well as boost organic traffic to your site. SEO content can take many forms such as short blog posts, “skyscraper” or authoritative topic posts, entire websites and topic clusters, and many other techniques that allows your website to climb the search engine rankings ahead of your competitors. Can you afford to sit still as they pass you by?

Search Engine Optimisation

The Melbourne Copywriter offers comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation services such as backlinking, auditing, keyword strategy, and more. Find out more here.

The Best Melbourne Copywriter

The Melbourne Copywriter is Melbourne’s trusted, award-winning and renowned expert in SEO Copywriting – if you want to take your business to new heights with quality copy, contact me!


Best SEO Copy

The best SEO Copywriting and content in Melbourne. Content, strategy, and more!

Fixed Prices

The Melbourne Copywriter offers a fixed price service – no hidden fees! Ask about our discount for retainers.

2x Rewrites Free

All projects come with FREE major rewrites as a guarantee. Unlimited minor revisions.

Original Content

All content produced by the Melbourne Copywriter is 100% original and yours to keep.

Transparent & Open

From start to finish, you control the work in progress from test page to first draft and through to completion.

15+ Years Experience

Want a hand? Need a question about copywriting answered? Leverage the Melbourne Copywriter’s wealth of experience.

What The Melbourne Copywriter Does For Your Business

The Melbourne Copywriter formulates and writes persuasive marketing materials that get potential customers to do something. This “something” is to perform a certain activity or action – buy your product, learn more about a service, sign up to a newsletter or marketing channel, or become part of a list or group they previously weren’t before. It all helps your business’ bottom line! Can you afford to let would-be customers pass you by?

Research and Writing

Copywriters conduct research on their target audience, product or service, and competitors to create effective marketing materials that address customer pain points and highlight unique selling points. That research is then written up into content that is interesting, convincing, and informative. This means writing headlines, taglines, ad copy, product descriptions, email campaigns, and other marketing materials.

Works With Designers

Copywriters often work closely with designers and marketers to make marketing campaigns that work well together. We might give direction for the layout, font, and colour choices of a campaign to make sure that your business message is consistent.

Editing and Proofreading

Copywriters are also judicious editors and proofreaders. The Melbourne Copywriter’s superpower is spotting typographic errors at 50 paces! Ensuring your copy is immaculate is a copywriter’s top job – and lends you rock solid credibility.

Simplifies Complex Ideas

Copywriters are often called “nerd interpreters” or “jargon whisperers” as we are adept at making the difficult and complex easy to understand. This helps cut through to a broader group of potential customers.

Adds Value to Your Marketing

Copywriters must keep up with industry trends, new technologies, and changing consumer tastes in order to write marketing materials that reach and engage their target audience – this could extend to Generative AI prompts, podcast scripts, video scripts, and VR storytelling.

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I’m Tom Valcanis, Melbourne Copywriter

I’m Tom Valcanis and I Sell Words Because My Words Sell! I’m a born writer – I’ve been writing stories and prose as long as I can remember. I’ve been published in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, The Big Issue, Hysteria Mag (as Editor), HEAVY Mag, Junkee, The Spectator, and numerous other publications. As I Sell Words, I’ve helped hundreds of companies and businesses supercharge their bottom line with quality copy. By way of qualifications, I hold a Master of Communication and Media Studies with a concentration in journalism from Monash University. I am also insured and accredited by the MEAA. I hope to work with you too!

Richard Craig, Richard Craig and Associates

“Tom Valcanis is a natural and gifted wordsmith. He has a grasp and innate appreciation of the beauty and power of the written word.”

— Richard Craig (B.Comm) Melb, Managing Director of Richard Craig & Associates


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