What are the advantages of hiring a freelance copywriter?

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Copywriters and content writers seem like niche jobs. You can find SEO and traditional copywriters in digital agencies, advertising firms, and other creative services companies. However, even if some are found in-house and employed full time, many of us are freelance. That means we are employed either on a contract, ad-hoc, or once-off basis, preferring to set ourselves up as an independent business rather than an employee of a company.

According to Khris Digital, there are over 13,200 copywriters employed in the US. Though it’s harder to get a handle on in Australia, there are about 800 participants in the Rachel’s List Gold Community, which caters to finding leads and swapping tips among content writers. If we perhaps double or triple that number considering our population, we may get a ballpark figure for freelance copywriters. So what are the advantages to hiring a freelance copywriter as opposed to hiring one on staff?

Cost savings – and tax deductions

For many small to medium-sized businesses it’s a cost saving and tax deduction. One can claim this expense back on tax, especially the GST portion on your quarterly BAS statement. Hiring someone part-time or full-time means paying for overheads, payroll tax, and other administrative expenses. You gain more value by hiring a freelancer. If you hire a candidate that turns out to be less qualified or productive as they initially led on, it can be a real pain trying to let them go.

Quality niche work by freelance copywriters

We copywriters are freelancers because we’re good at what we do. I mean, really good at what we do. We don’t work for a company because we’re confident in our abilities. Because they may concentrate on a niche or topic, you can get a project up and running in almost no time – and get high quality work in return. They also broaden their knowledge by engaging with a variety of companies and topic areas, which can also facilitate out-of-the-box thinking you may not have considered.

Faster turnaround times

Freelancers may work 40 hours per week, 60 hours per week – or even take entire weeks off as part of a sabbatical. The flexibility freelancing affords copywriters means you can experience quicker turnaround times compared to agencies or in-house creative teams. Our reputation not only depends on it, but we can also factor in complexity and other timelines as part of the scope of work. Want it yesterday? A copywriter can do that; but you’ll likely have to pay a rush fee for the privilege.

Easy to hire, easy to fire

Not every freelance copywriter will fit your company’s needs and wants. We as copywriters know that; and we don’t take things personally if a project doesn’t go our way. You can hire us as you need our services then put us on standby – or go with someone else! It really is up to you.

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