How do Melbourne copywriting services add value to small business?

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Even in the age of generative AI, copywriting services still seem to be in high demand. Just like generative image AI like Midjourney and DALL-E haven’t (quite) replaced artists and simplified design apps like Canva haven’t heralded the deathknell of graphic designers, the OG AI (anthropogenic intelligence) is still the king of the hill.

So how does Melbourne copywriting services add value to small business, even if they believe they’re doing well without regular communication or marketing support.

Copywriting creates brand identity

Some brands are instantly recognisable just by the way they come across in media and marketing. A keyphrase – I’m lovin’ it, Just do it, Think different – can evoke the brand in the mind of the listener or viewer instantly. Brand identity extends beyond a great and unique graphic design. It also encompasses how you say things as much as what you say.

Copywriters craft marketing and SEO strategy

Good Melbourne copywriters don’t just write copy to fill up a page. If that was the case, we’d just loose ChatGPT to do that and call it a day. A real, tangible, and executable strategy with clearly defined goals is something an all-purpose copywriter can come up with. Marketing and SEO are two sides of the same coin, and copywriters can coordinate creative as well as technical strategy to ensure your business becomes more visible and successful over time.

Copywriting is part of your SEO

You may think SEO is all about link building and optimising load times; but SEO is all about providing the best possible answers to search queries. It isn’t just a cynical play for clicks. Human raters ultimately determine what content is worthy of top positions, especially if your business is engaged in “money or your life” industries such as home mortgage finance or paediatric medicine. Intense, in-depth research that’s accessible, well written, and contains trustworthy and authoritative information by or from experts is what Google is ranking for – and you need a professional researcher and writer to create this type of compelling, high-quality content.

Copywriting is crisis communication

You can’t please everyone; just read any YouTube comments section to see living proof. Sometimes, you business will screw up and screw up big time. Good copywriters are adept at crisis communication, using empathy and pathos to reach disgruntled customers and assure them you’re working towards quick and satisfactory solutions. Often, non-professional communicators botch their mea culpa for stolen data, wayward shipments, or misconduct effecting customers. They deflect, blame others, or worse, try to ignore everything. A copywriter can craft statements to ensure your business survives any turmoil and goes back on track for success.

Outsourcing copywriting allows for business to concentrate on core offerings

A business will live and die on how well it addresses this utterance: “We’ll deal with it later.” If you hear you or your management say that way too often, it may be too late when cash flow dries up and customers get fed up and look toward your competition. Like accounting, administration, or customer service, marketing copywriting allows a business – especially a startup or scaleup – to concentrate on what they do best, allowing someone with subject matter expertise to plan, create, and execute the strategic and tactical marketing and communication.

If you want to take advantage of professional Melbourne copywriting services that will add real value to your business, contact The Melbourne Copywriter!

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